Bio: Writer, Parent, Grandparent, and Retail Lifer; living in the desert of Arizona.

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7 responses to “About

  1. I love how you have your blog site set up, Chris! I would post the link to here every time you post on FB from your “Writings…” Page to make it easier for people to go to it at any time. Also, your “About” tab…edit. Great job here; gave me ideas for how to not keep mine so boring! 😀

    • Robin, Thanks so much for your comment! When I post something from here it automatically goes to my “Writings” page as well as Twitter. And from Twitter, it automatically posts on my Facebook Wall so there are three places that these blog posts are found. It’s usually in a little box on the page. There isn’t a picture to go with it and I suppose I’d have to upgrade to get that option unless I can figure it out some other way. thanks again!!


  2. Hey Chris, I have an author interview slot on my blog for a week on Saturday – do you fancy it? Can I email you the questions? You are one of my fav followers / readers so it would be an honour 🙂

  3. You’re in luck, my next presence online will be this Saturday. I’m looking forward to the interview. Don’t be surprised if I don’t give straightforward answers. They sound too scripted.

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