Floor 17 Cafe project Entry-12

Good Monday Morning! Here’s another entry from Chuck’s Blog. Chuck is a waiter at the Floor 17 Cafe located in the Tower of Water of The Askinar Towers. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Gestures Girl



Johano, a co-worker of mine. He’s writing today’s entry.

Hello fans of Chuck! Johano here and I’ve been asked to give my view of things in the café at the moment. Don’t worry; this isn’t a hijack like what Gretchen did last week. Chuck is sitting right here with me, but he wanted me to talk about Gretchen and what she was like before she became a waitress for the Floor 17 Café.



I started with the café a few years ago and about a month before Gretchen did. At that time it was only the Stonefist Twins that were regulars in the café. I was given the tables next to the Realm Doors as I like to call them and so I got to know the dwarfs very well. And, as you know, that has been my station ever since.

gestures 01

“I approve of your presence and am happy to be here!”

One day this beautiful brunette entered the café and was seated by Maurice at a table in the center and I was assigned to serve her. I was taken in by her beauty and hoped that she would become a regular and I would have the pleasure to serve her each time she visited. I introduced myself to her and she seemed to be enraptured by my handsome physique, as she was unable to speak to me. Instead she gives me a ‘thumbs up’ as if to say, “I approve of your presence and am happy to be here!”

gestures 02

She pointed at everything she wanted to order off the menu and pointed at me whenever she needed my attention. And before she left she gave me the universal ‘Call me’ gesture. But she never gave me her phone number. Thus I nicknamed her ‘Gestures Girl’.

gestures 04

A couple of weeks later she came in wearing this funky hat and, for just a moment, I thought it was someone else until she pointed with her finger at the menu and then I realized it was Gretchen or rather, ‘Gestures Girl’. She managed to give me her name and phone number this time adding the ‘Call me’ gesture again and I did and we talked for a short while.

It was then that I suggested she become a waitress as the café need help and then we could see each other every single day. She loved the idea and a couple days later she applied for the job, and then was hired a week later. Her first customer was a grumpy giant and, fortunately for the café, she managed to get over her shyness and actually speak to the customer.

Gretchen juice

Unfortunately, her speech consisted of only one word at a time and when the giant asked what she recommended to drink, she thrust a glass in his face and said, “Juice!” Then she sneezed and tossed the whole contents in the giant’s lap. He got up and stormed out but she gave everyone the “thumbs up” sign to assure them everything was okay. There you have it, Gretchen was once known as ‘Gestures Girl’. I am now returning the blog back to Chuck.

Thank Johano! Excuse me a minute friends, I’m still wiping the tears from laughing so hard. I never would have believed his story had it not been for the pictures that he took! Oh don’t worry, Gretchen has taken the weekend off and I’m sure she won’t be reading this. That is, not until Monday or so.

One final bit of news before I put this entry to bed. Maurice has spoken to the owner of the Floor 17 Café and she has agreed to the idea of celebrating Diadios. She is supposed to meet with Denbar Karma and Roland Haberdasher this weekend so hopefully I can give you an update early next week. I did recall Gretchen mention some holiday called Christmas but she said it’s only for one day. Maurice seemed more interested in the Festival of the Gods as it took place for two weeks.

Well friends, it’s been a hilarious time with Johano. I need to go and get something to eat and drink and get my breath back. Until next time!


Happy to serve,


Hope you enjoyed this entry! Next week you will meet the cast of characters from the Floor 17 Cafe and I’ll share a cover reveal for the book to come out in early Fall. Don’t forget my posts on Thursdays known as Diary of a Bard.

Happy Adventuring!


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