The Floor 17 Cafe Blog–entry 3

Good Monday morning to you. I received a lot of “likes” (though no comments) on last week’s post.  I’m sharing another entry from Chuck’s blog this week as well. These are inspired by the Floor 17 Cafe found in the Tower of Water of my trilogy, The Askinar Towers. Please enjoy!

Power Lunch Bunch

Hello, Chuck here!

It’s been a week now since I’ve been hired on as a waiter here at the Floor 17 Café. I’m still getting used to the different, uh, life forms that come in to eat but I am adjusting quicker than some of the others. At least that’s what Johano said. He and Gretchen are two of the staff that I’ve become good friends with in this last week. Here’s what they look like…


Gretchen, she’s very cute but can be annoying at times.


This is Johano. He does use the umbrella as it sometimes rains along the walls of the cafe.

Before I tell you about my new customers, let me describe the café itself. When you come in off the elevator here in the Tower of Water, you cross a small foyer and enter what you would normally think of as a restaurant. That’s right it doesn’t really look like a café at all. The tables are all covered in a rich fabric, and the carpet is an ocean blue. I guess that’s to remind us that were in the Tower of Water. No need for reminding as the entire atmosphere is damp. I was told that there are three other towers but I haven’t seen them yet.

Anyways Gretchen took ill over the weekend and so I offered to take her tables in addition to my own. Since Destiny’s Six has been on an extended adventure I only have a couple other tables to tend to. One of her regular customers are the businessmen that she dubbed as the Power Lunch Bunch. It didn’t take much to persuade Maurice to take her tables. He knows that the businessmen are important clients and that they tip very well. So yesterday I served them for the first time!

Busniess Men

All three of them entered off of the elevator and, walking single file, make a beeline straight to their table. It’s considered their table, as no one else would dare sit there. It happened only once that someone was seated at their table and the businessmen had them promptly fired! That’s right, FIRED! Don’t know how it happened but after a couple of phone calls were made, the person seated at their table soon learned he was unemployed. Of course, that’s another good reason to consider them as important clients of the café.

I did my utmost to keep the three of them happy; keeping their service prompt and courteous. Once their meal was over all they said to me was, “You’re no Gretchen, but you’ll suffice.” Then they walked off. I didn’t know whether to be insulted or relieved. Johano suggested that I feel the latter as six members of the staff were fired since they started coming here. Something about Gretchen though had pacified them and no one has been fired since she began as a waitress. I guess whatever I did to make them happy, they’ll consider me as an alternative should she be absent again.

Maurice was very happy for this as well and gave me a 50-credit bonus as thanks and to encourage me to give them the same good service each time. He also assured me that this had nothing to do with being family so he presented it to me in front of the other staff. Everyone else was proud of me, everyone that is except for Manuel. Nothing seems to be good enough for him.

This afternoon I was expecting the Power Lunch Bunch to arrive when Gretchen appeared in the kitchen to say she had returned to work. I assumed that she was going to take care of the businessmen but then she informed me that they had arrived and specifically asked for me. I looked at her in case she might be angry by it but she showed indifference.

As I walked out I was greeted to a scene of a Minotaur, an Elf and a Halfling all in business attire and talking away on bananas pretending they were phones. I laughed and was afraid at the same time. Laughing, because Manitoba and the guys looked utterly ridiculous and, afraid that if the businessmen showed up they would do something to them. As it was, the rest of the adventuring party was at their normal table laughing as well.

Then they walked in. Silence filled the air except for Manitoba and the guys still chatting away on their bananas. The businessmen looked very cross and demanded their table. Manitoba rose to his impressive 7-foot stature and said, “No.” Before he even got to the ‘o’ part, all three were on their phones. The Minotaur simply laughed and asked whom they were going to call.

“You’re boss,” said one.

“We’re unemployed,” Manitoba replied.

“Your leader then,” said a second.

“That would be me,” he added with a chuckled.

Locan and Devan also stood hoping for a fight. The three businessmen simply sat down at a different table. I looked over at Gretchen, who was viewing this all from the kitchen, and motioned her to take care of them.

Fortunately the businessmen had a good lunch and tipped well but gave a glare to the entire adventuring party before they left. The group celebrated with an extra pitcher of ale as if they conquered an evil foe. But there are times when I wonder who the real foe was in that scenario.

Happy to Serve,



It’s me Chuck! Though, now I have red hair.

Don’t forget my other Flash Fiction serial, Diary of a Bard, written every Thursday on this blog. Next Monday you’ll get a bonus entry from “Diary” as the guys give their first performance of their Bards at Large tour.

Happy Adventuring!



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