The Floor 17 Café Blog Project

Three years ago I began a new project which was to coincide with the publication my trilogy, The Askinar Towers. As each book came out, the entries in the new blog I created were to follow along with the stories. However, after six months or so, I lost the motivation to write on the blog plus my books had to be self-published as the company I was associated with couldn’t fulfill their end of the contract.

            Anyways I recently found myself rereading all thirty of the entries that I originally wrote for the blog project and decided to write a new set of entries to complete the project. This finished work will be a new book and will serve as a supplemental item for the Askinar Towers trilogy.

            In book 1, Nexus of the Worlds, I introduced a little café on Floor 17 of the Tower of Water. Conveniently enough, it was called the Floor 17 Café. I brought about a handful of characters including, Chuck the waiter and Maurice the Maître D. The café somewhat became a base of operations for my main characters, Sara and Erika, as they visited it often. That and I loved the idea of this unusual café.

            Having completed the trilogy I thought about doing an additional story from Chuck’s point-of-view of what life is like as a waiter in this interesting setting. I added some extra characters and Chuck’s Blog was born. Below you will read his very first entry and in future weeks, I’ll share additional entries. I hope to have the whole project finished by the end of September.

Please enjoy this post and, as always, comments are very welcomed!


Chuck’s First Customers


It’s me Chuck! Though, now I have red hair.

Hi I’m Chuck! I just got hired on as a waiter here at the Floor 17 Café. My uncle, Maurice, is the head Maître D and I’m his favorite nephew. Ok, his only nephew. We have a good relationship as family and a fairly decent one at work but he makes sure he doesn’t show favoritism towards me which is why he’s always yelling at me in French. I can understand French perfectly but can’t speak it very well. I sound like a vulgar tourist from another country.


Uncle Maurice, head Maitre D for the cafe.

Anyway to prove he doesn’t show favoritism towards me, my first customers were this rowdy group of adventurers called Destiny’s Six. They seemed to be in here more often than not but that’s primarily because of the time change in the different realms. We’re located here in on Floor 17 of the Tower of Water and this group comes and goes mostly by the elevator out in the hallway. I was told the last time they left they were gone for an hour, according to the café clock but for them it was two weeks!

This group consists of a Minotaur, a Giant, two Halflings, and two Elves. Only one female in the group, the elf named Sarinna and she’s the ranger. She gave me this look like she can see into my soul. I’ve heard this about Elves though maybe it was just my imagination. But as you might tell, I look forward to her…sorry, I meant their arrival again.

I also learned that their order is always the same which is another reason Uncle Maurice gave them to me as my first customers. The Minotaur orders a whole chicken, grilled and served with garlic; the two Halflings share a large basket of chili cheese fries and each has a double thick chocolate shake; the male Elf, Locan orders Tower Deluxe hamburger and then apologizes to Manitoba (that’s the Minotaur) after every bite. If you didn’t already know, Minotaurs look a little bit like a cow and so Locan pretends he’s eating one of Manitoba’s own kind. This is the kind of humor that goes on within the group.


Sarinna, the Elf Ranger. What a looker!

My girlfriend Sarinna eats a sensible salad, plenty of vegetables and nuts on it, but she covers it in chocolate syrup for some reason. I was going to ask but Maurice told me not to; if I cared to continue breathing. Not sure if he would make good on that threat of if she would. I chose not to pursue it. Finally Baruch, the Giant, orders a super deluxe pizza and two orders of hot wings. He washes it down with tea and never ale. Speaking of ale, the whole group orders between 3 to 6 pitchers of ale with their meal. The number is depends on the success of their current adventure.

Since they all order the same item each time, I was instructed to keep a premade order on hand in one of my apron pockets but I am to take their order every time they come in. I was told by a fellow waiter that once in a great while they will change their order to see if the waiter is paying attention or just drawing conclusions from previous visits. Although all of the food here is free, and they don’t have to worry about paying, they do tip. The size of the tip depends on whether the order was taken correctly and the timeliness of the waiter and service.

That’s pretty much all in regards to my first customers. I took their order as given, keep their bread baskets full, (the Halflings and Elves love the bread), and made sure pitchers of ale were restocked when needed. At the end of the day (they came in three times) I earned one hundred gold pieces which transfers into 500 credits on my Tower Card. It’s a personal credit card and it’s how we pay for things on different floors of the Tower of Water. I also get an employee discount in the gift shop on Floor 5 but more on that later. After their last departure, Sarinna ran over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It’s great to be alive! After they left, Uncle Maurice gave me a twenty minute lecture on fraternizing with the patrons of the café, and yes, it was all in French!

Happy to Serve,


Hope you enjoyed this entry. Don’t forget on Thursdays I’m posting a new Flash Fiction serial called, Diary of a Bard.

Until then, Happy Adventuring!



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