Flash Fiction #3: Cheesecake of the Apocalypse

Here’s another entry of flash fiction that I wrote inspired by scenes in my Askinar Towers trilogy. This scene would take place in book 2, “Sibling Rivalry”. If this were an actual part of the story it would take place in the middle of chapter 17. Enjoy!


Cheesecake of the Apocalypse

The elevator arrived at Floor 86 in the Tower of Water and two guys got off. They look to their left and then to their right.

“So many doors to choose from eh, Peter?” said the first.

“I’ve noticed, Chris, that the hallways seem to go beyond the limits of the tower wall itself,” Peter replied.

“Magic, of course! After all, behind most of these doors is actually a realm and not just a room.”

“Where are we headed?” Peter asked.

“A town called Pleasington. The guy in the gift shop said floor 86, turn left off the elevator and it’s the seventh door on the right.”

“Lead the way, my friend.”

Chris turned left and counted seven doors on the right side of the hallway.

“Here we are,” he said.

Peter opened the door and the pair entered the realm. They immediately realized that they were not properly dressed for cold temperatures. They jumped up and down in place trying to keep warm and find a place to get out of the cold.

“Chris, you didn’t tell me it would be cold,” Peter said.

“I didn’t know it would be cold. That’s the trouble with traveling through The Askinar Towers; you never know what realm or weather you’ll end up in. I wish there was some kind of guidebook.”

“Hey, there’s a diner. We can get warm in there and perhaps something to eat,” said Peter.

“Good idea! Lead the way.”

The two of them hustled across the cold, hard ground towards the diner. They passed a church and noticed a large retail store at the bottom of a hill.

“What town is this again?” asked Peter.

“The guy in the gift shop said, ‘Pleasington’. You wanted to see a small town and he said this was the best example of one.

“It’s a charming town, to say the least.”

“Any idea what year this is?” Chris asked

“There’s a newspaper machine near the front door,” Peter replied.

As they arrived, they noticed that the date on the newspaper read Friday November 27, 1992.

“It’s Black Friday,” said Chris.

“What’s so black about it? The sky is fairly clear.”

“No, Peter. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. They call it ‘Black Friday’ because all of the businesses have a huge sale which starts the Christmas season.”

“Interesting! Let’s get inside before it starts to snow.”

Sunset Diner

Once inside, they each ordered a cup of coffee. No one else was in the diner except a waitress and the cook. The smell of cornbread stuffing and turkey filled the air. They sat at the counter and ordered coffee.

“For a post-Thanksgiving event like Black Friday, this town seems rather quiet,” Chris said.

“Folks around here don’t rush for anything,” the waitress replied.

As they were served their coffee, each picked up the mug to warm their hands. They took in the aroma of a freshly brewed pot. In the distance, they could hear a PA system announce something.

‘What was that?” asked Chris.

“Big Bob’s Bargain Bin is having a ‘Black Friday’ sale. Now, can I get you boys anything to eat?” asked the waitress.

“How about some cheesecake?” Peter asked.

“Cheesecake? It’s still morning,” replied the waitress.

“Anytime is a good time for a slice of cheesecake,” said Chris.

“I can’t argue with you there. I’ve been known indulge in the morning myself.” The waitress walked over to the pie case and pulled out the cheesecake.

Chris turned to the windows and noticed that it got very dark out all of a sudden. He walked over to the front door. “Is there an eclipse going on here?”

“Not that I’m aware of, Hon,” replied the waitress.

“Gives the Black Friday idea validity,” said Peter.

Chris could hear the PA announcement again but only made out the words, ‘Free Gift’.

The ground trembled beneath their feet.

“Earthquake!” Chris said nervously.

“Ain’t been no earthquake here in over fifty years,” said the waitress.

Chris then saw the earth moving in various parts of the yard in front of the church. He noticed that shapes of people rose up from the earth and were shambling down the hill towards the store.

“Peter! The dead are rising from their graves and walking towards the Bargain Bin. We need to do something!”

“The cheesecake is ready, Chris. She even added strawberries!” said Peter.

“Awesome! You know what? The dead can wait.” He turned and walked back to the counter for his cheesecake.


I hope you enjoyed this bit of flash fiction. Starting this Thursday, and hopefully every Thursday, I plan to post new flash fiction every week featuring a brand new character who will be appearing in an upcoming series that I’m working on. You’ll meet Dell Chanter, Bard Extraordinaire as he makes journal entries of his travels with his show partner, Derek Banter. Please come back on Thursday for this new feature!

Happy Adventuring!



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