The Askinar Towers: Flash Fiction–2

Once again I am sharing some flash fiction that I wrote inspired by a character seen in Chapter 15 of book 2, “Sibling Rivalry”. If this were an actual part of the story it would take place towards the end of the book around chapter 26. Enjoy!


Better With Bacon

Russ Richards and his family had just finished with Floor 91 when they wearily boarded the elevator to Floor 92. The baby strapped to Russ’ back was fussing.

“Can we stop and get something to eat?” asked Joanne, his sister. “I believe Jacob needs a fresh diaper and could do with some formula.”

“If there’s a place here on Floor 92, we’ll stop and eat. Maybe even get a little rest.”

“After the ogre tribes we countered on Floor 91, I’ll be happy to rest anywhere,” said Andy, his brother.

“Including a Roadside convenience store that smells like microwaved burritos,” added Steve, his uncle.

“We have just a few more floors to cover and then we’re done with the Tower of Water,” said Russ.

“True, but according to those girls we met, there are still three more towers,” said Andy.

“All in good time,” said Russ.

The elevator arrived at Floor 92 and the doors opened. Beach Boys music was heard as they stepped into a diner.  The décor was out of the 1950s with posters of music groups of that era. The metal top counter was shiny and clean as if it was never used. A couple were sharing a soda in a corner booth.

BWB Rick

A young man came out of the kitchen chomping on some bacon. He looked up at the people who’d just arrived. “Welcome to ‘Better With Bacon’! Every meal is served with a side of bacon!”

“Do you have a bathroom?” asked Joanne.

“Yes, just on over there by the front door. I’m Rick, by-the-way. Please seat yourself.”

Joanne took Jacob and went to the bathroom, while Russ, Andy and Steve took a seat at the counter. Rick came back around the counter and handed them each a menu. “Coffee?”

“Please,” said Russ. The other two nodded in agreement.

“First time to the diner?” asked Rick.

“Yes! We’re on a mission to create a guidebook for this tower. What all is on this floor?”

“Just this diner and a small park on the other side of the parking lot.

“What’s the special?” asked Steve. “I don’t see it on the menu.”

“Ah, well, today’s special is ‘I can’t Believe I’m not Dead Yet’.

“Sounds, uh, interesting,” said Andy. “What’s in it?”

“Bacon wrapped in bacon, dipped in bacon grease, deep fried, with crumbled bacon sprinkled on top.”

“Served with a side of bacon, right?” asked Joanne as she came out of the bathroom.

“That’s right!”

“I can feel my arteries hardening already,” said Andy.

“Oh, that’s tomorrow’s special. You should come back then,” replied Rick.

“Seriously?” asked Joanne.

“No, not really. Tomorrow’s special is Bacon wrapped Steak, dipped in bacon grease, deep fried and topped with crumbled bacon.”

“And served with a side of bacon,” said Joanne, Andy and Steve.

“What’s it called?” asked Russ.

“The Heart Stopper,” replied Rick with a smile. “It was called the Major Coronary, but the burger joint on Floor 93 tried to sue me for infringement because they had a burger of the same name.”


“What’s the name of this burger joint?” asked Joanne.

“The Meat Grinder. Their special of the day today is, Cow Meets Grinder.”

“What’s in it?” asked Andy.

“How should I know? They’re my rival, after all. Of course, with the name, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that burger meat is in it.”

“Personally, I could do with a burger,” said Joanne.

“I agree,” added Steve, then turned to Rick. “No offense.”

Rick shrugged his shoulders. “To each his own, come back for breakfast when you can.”

“What’s the breakfast special?”

“Rick’s Scrambled Omelet,” he replied.

“Served with a side of bacon I assume,” said Joanne.

“No, it comes with sausage.”

“Really?” asked Andy.

“NO! Of course it comes with bacon. This is ‘Better with Bacon’, after all!” Rick stormed off into the back.

The group quickly got up, returned to the elevator, and went up to Floor 93. Russ jotted some quick notes about Floor 92 as he waited for the doors to open.

“Maybe we should have looked at the park,” said Steve.

“Why?” asked Russ. “A park is a park. I’m sure there was nothing spectacular about it. Besides, I really didn’t want to hear about bacon anymore.”


At Floor 93, the doors opened to reveal a small restaurant styled like a meat locker. As they came out of the elevator car, a young man came out of the kitchen.

Burger Rick

“Welcome to ‘The Meat Grinder’. I’m Rick, your host and owner.”

“Weren’t you just down in the diner of ‘Better with Bacon’?”

“Who me? No, that guy is so ten minutes ago. I am the future!”

The End

I hope you enjoyed this story. I hope to share more pieces of flash fiction in future blog postings. Eventually I’d like to put  them all together and create a book, but time will tell. Please share comments that you might have on this story. To buy copies of my trilogy, see my author page at If you want other links, please state you interest in the comments section below.


Happy Adventuring!


ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll be sitting in the Red Chair for an interview this Saturday with Lucy Mitchell AKA The Blond Writer.


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