The Askinar Towers Flash Fiction–1

The Askinar Towers: Flash Fiction #1

This week I am sharing some flash fiction that I wrote inspired by a character seen in book 2, “Sibling Rivalry”. If this were an actual part of the story it would take place in chapter 24 near the conclusion of the Washington D. C. scenario. Enjoy!


Amber’s Only Love

Lightning filled the sky followed by the rumbling of thunder as the rain came down in sheets. Many passengers at the Baltimore airport stood staring at the storm wondering which flight would be cancelled. Amber Copeland sat nervously near her flight’s gate waiting impatiently for someone to show up. She was supposed to board ten minutes ago when they announced first class but she chose to wait hoping that Bill might come running through the terminal professing his love for her.

“Final boarding call for Flight 429, nonstop to Portland,” said a voice over the PA system.

Amber finally stood up, walked to the runway, and presented her ticket. The Red Eye flight to Oregon, where she lived, could wait no longer. There was other passenger, a pregnant woman who, like her, kept looking down the hall for someone.


Amber thought how great it would be to get home and: see her family, sleep in her bed, look out at the mountains, and take long walks in the woods. But there was one thing missing, a certain someone she wanted to share her life. It would take her a while to fill that void in her heart; if she could even fill that void.

She thought back to just a couple hours ago when she finished her packing and then sat down with pen and hotel stationary to write Bill a note. He hadn’t called in the last couple days and, to be honest, she knew that he wouldn’t. That night at Delano’s restaurant, was a magical night but, both of them knew that there wouldn’t be another. She had never believed in love at first sight; her mother taught her that there was no such thing. But, when she laid eyes on Bill in the Dibner Library she could think of no other way to put it. If it weren’t for his condition, she’d take him home with her and prove her mother wrong. The note read as follows:


My dearest Bill,

I cannot put into words all of the emotions that I’m experiencing for you. I knew when we first arrived at the restaurant, that it would be the only time we would share together. The reason I told you that I could change your mind about me, was simply to put the pain aside and treat the two of us like a regular couple.

I wanted more and I knew you did as well. But, in the end, I knew it would never happen. If I could, I would move Heaven and earth to find a way to reunite us, so that we might live together as one soul. Please take care of yourself and, if you come to Oregon, please look me up.

All my love,



“Honey, I made it,” said a male voice. Amber smiled as she returned to the present.

“I knew you’d find me, Bill,” Amber said as she turned to see a young man hurry over to the pregnant woman. Amber’s smile faded as he gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. He helped her up and got in line behind Amber. Fortunately they didn’t hear her comment.

“Miss?” said the ramp agent.

Amber turned and took back the ticket stub. “Thank you.” She slowly walked down the ramp to the airplane. Outside, she could hear the howling of the wind as the rain continued to pelt the area.

As she sat down in First Class, she lifted the shade to look out into the darkness. Occasionally, the lightning in the distance lit up the area. It wouldn’t be the first time she traveled in bad weather. Ironically, when she first arrived in Baltimore, four years ago, the storm was so bad that she feared the plane would break apart before landing. She closed the shade to the window and closed her eyes and thought of Bill. The memories she had would have to hold her for the rest of her life.


            I hope you enjoyed this story. I hope to share more pieces of flash fiction in future blog postings. Eventually I’d like to put  them all together and create a book, but time will tell. Please share comments that you might have on this story. To buy copies of my trilogy, see my author page at If you want other links, please state your interest in the comments section below.


Happy Adventuring!



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