Who Am I? The “-tion” Edition

Me and Girls

Me and my daughters, February 2016


This week’s article I want to talk a little about who I am and how I come to be where I am and what I am. But rather than bore you with an autobiography of this, that and the other. I’m just going to share with you the highlights of my life; one phrase at a time with a word ending in ‘—tion’.

I am…

A Christian through salvation

An American through Declaration

A high school graduate through education

A former Ohioan through relocation

A Writer of fiction through imagination

An unknown author through procrastination

A father of two through procreation

An ex-husband through legal documentation

A retail employee through incarceration

A photographer of landscape through transportation

A former magician through prestidigitation

A hiker of trails through exploration

A lover of pizza through mastication

A sufferer of fools through exasperation



I am all of these things as well as others. I hope you enjoyed this little exercise of vocabulary. Can you think of any others that you might add to your own list? Please share in the comments below.



2 responses to “Who Am I? The “-tion” Edition

  1. Gorgeous daughters!!!

  2. Thanks Alice! I think so too!!

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