Where’s the Fifth Tower?


For those few who are subscribed to receive notices of my new blog posts may be surprised when a who new title shows up in the subject line of your inbox. I’ve recently overhauled my blog site; giving it a new title, new color scheme and actually using a picture which goes along with the theme of the blog. The only thing I haven’t touched is my logline explaining that I’m an author surviving the Arizona desert.


Why the change?

As I stated in my previous posts: Year of the Author and The Author Makeover, I am trying to make an impact as an author for 2016. So, in addition to the change of my avatar, I decided to make changes in regards to my blog.

The title, of course, is a play on words ‘Suffering from Writer’s Block’ and it just came to me early last week and I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty clever (at least for me that is), I should change my blog to that and see what happens. I even did a Google search on the title to make sure no one else came up with it as I didn’t want to trespass on anyone’s turf.

The other reason I made the change is because the title, Tales from the Fifth Tower was originally supposed to be for an anthology of stories from my trilogy, The Askinar Towers. I assumed that it would be such a huge hit that I would have fellow authors coming to me wanting to write short stories involving already established characters or new realms in the seemingly endless worlds of the four towers.

But, as it is, I can’t get anyone to read my stories, let alone write a review for them, so I have no idea if anyone likes them. Nevertheless, my new plan is to write a series of Flash Fiction stories involving characters, some who only had a guest appearance, and use it as a way to get people interested in the whole trilogy. The “Tales” title will appear for the collection. One of the best ways to get people interested in your novels is to release some short stories so your readers have an idea of your writing style and the way you think as a storyteller.


Don’t worry, it’s still me!

Now with the new makeover and the blog overhaul, don’t think that I’m going to change the way I think or write. It’s still me and my tilted sense of humor and I’m not about to get all serious or philosophical on you (I’ll leave that for the others). I will continue to share my life with you both personal and writer-wise. I’d say professional but I’m not even in the ballpark of that level of authordom.

I still plan on doing interviews of fellow authors and I will still use the phrase, Fifth Tower Interview when doing them. I have a few authors in mind so I just need to get my rear in gear, put together the questions and send them out.



Hopefully you haven’t deleted the e-mail with the new blog name on it. I don’t know if WordPress sends out a notice of a name change or not, but I hope they do. In the meantime, please share your comments below in regards to the changes that I’ve made so far and let me know if there’s a subject you’d like me to talk about within this blog.

Happy Adventuring!



2 responses to “Where’s the Fifth Tower?

  1. Chris, I’m always with you, always reading your creative words. I can’t join in as much as I would like because there aren’t enough hours. Writer’s Block! Never. For you or for me. But sometimes it is hard to find the right word, the exact one, that will say what I want to say. Like you, I keep trying. Like you, I love our Arizona.
    Mariam http://www.taswos.com

  2. Thanks for the kind words Mariam! I changed the name of the blog primarily to breathe new life into it and myself as a writer. I’m not suffering from writer’s blog but writer procrastination. Take care!!

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