Flash Fiction–First Impressions

Hello all! Bringing you another bit of fiction from my feverish brain. As was Fictional Elevator, this is another scenario that takes place in an office building. Please enjoy!

First Impressions

The elevator doors opened and Scott Henderson dashed through the opening. He almost knocked over a pair of women who were waiting to get on. One shouted, “Careful!” while the other complained about the rudeness of young people.


Scott ran all the way down the hall, and looking at his watch, knew he was late for his interview. At the end of the hall was a door marked Richard Mulligan, President. Scott stopped short of the door, caught his breath, straightened his appearance and entered. The small waiting room could have easily been that of any doctor’s office. There were no frills whatsoever. Scott saw the typical out of date magazines, the water cooler, and décor of the 1960s. The only thing that seemed out of place was the secretary’s desk and the woman seated behind it. The desk looked like a dark oak island in the middle of a split pea green ocean that was the carpet. The woman, or to Scott, the attractive young girl, was dressed in the latest fashion for business attire and was typing away on a laptop. The nameplate read June Brenley.


She looked up at Scott as he approached her desk. He was still in the process of tucking in his shirt. “Good afternoon. Name?”

“Scott Henderson. I know I’m about ten minutes late. I got caught in traffic, then was mesmerized by your beauty.” He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

Miss Brenley gave him a little laugh which was more out of courtesy, than humor. “Mr. Mulligan is running late with his interviews as well. It’ll be about twenty more minutes or so.”

Scott exhaled in relief. “That’s good. I’ll just head into the restroom I passed by and freshen up a bit. Maybe, if you play your cards right, we could be having dinner tonight.”

“Not interested, I’m engaged.” Her answer was as cold as ice and, without another word, she returned to her typing.

Scott place his backpack on a chair and walked to the door. He paused, looking back, and noticed that there weren’t any other applicants. He was about to say something to the woman but she shot him a look as if to say, “If it were up to me, I’d fire you before you were hired.”

As he entered the restroom, he noticed that it was more fitting for the executives of this company than in relation to the waiting room just seen. At the opposite end, there was another door which Scott perceived to be the janitor’s closet.

Scott chose a urinal two spots away from a man who appeared to be wearing a handmade business suit. The man turned and smiled at him. “Afternoon.”


“Hello,” replied Scott. “Uh, you’re not here for the executive assistant’s position are you?”

The man laughed. “No. I already have a job.”

Scott sighed heavily. “That’s a relief. I was afraid that I was supposed to be in a suit or something more formal for the interview. I only just got here, ten minutes late, unfortunately, but the babe behind the desk said that the ol’ geezer was running late with his interviews.”


“That Mulligan guy. You know, the president? Any way, my friend Stewart, he works here in the mail room told me that this Richard Mulligan was like over eighty years old.”

“Did he? And that’s Stewart—”

“Nichols. Stewart Nichols. Yeah, so Stew says that this Mulligan guy doesn’t have much longer to live and that when he dies, everyone in the company will move up a level. I figure, if I can get a sweet executive position now, I’ll be in a prime spot for when the old boy kicks it.”

“That’s quite a story,” said the man.

“It’s the truth! My man, Stewart, wouldn’t let me down or my name isn’t Scott Henderson.” Scott then looked around as if he were about to share a secret. “He even gave me the inside scoop on how to talk to Mr. Mulligan.”

“You don’t say! Please, share this information with me. I’d love to know about it.”

“Well, I don’t know if I should. I hate to lose my position to you.”

“Oh, that’s all right. I know Mr. Mulligan very well. I could always put in a good word for you if need be. I’ll make sure that no one will get your position. Now, what is this inside scoop?”

Scott looked around again to make sure they were alone. “Professional Wrestling.”

“That’s it?”

“This Mulligan guy is crazy about the sport. Well, I wouldn’t call it a sport. Two sweaty guys hugging each other in their underwear. Gross is what I’d call it. Anyways, I figure if I get him to talk about a couple of wrestling matches, we’ll be like old friends by the time the interview is over and he’ll be begging me to accept the job.”

“That is very good information,” said the man. He zipped up and walked across to the sinks and thoroughly washed his hands. “This Stewart Nichols from the mail room must really know Mr. Mulligan. I supposed he uh, talked to the old geezer at a party or something?”

“Nah, he’s never met the guy. He just knows a lot about him from what passes through the mail room and all.” Scott zips up and heads for the door. “Wish me luck!”

“Aren’t you going to wash your hands?” he asked.

“Oh, I only do that after a number two. I’m good.”

“But don’t you know that Mr. Mulligan has a minor case of OCD?”

“Eh, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him. See ya!” Scott walked back into the waiting room and noticed two others in there as well. He eyed his competition suspiciously as he sat down next to his backpack. He reached in and pulled out his resume and gave it a final once over.

A buzzer sounded and a distorted voice came on. “Miss Brenley, send in Scott Henderson please.”

“Right away, Mr. Mulligan,” she replied. She coolly looked over at him and simply nodded.

“Thank you!” He gave her his winning smile and strode over to the office door.

As he entered, he was immediately impressed by the large office. It was right on the corner of the building and had a fantastic view of the city. A large maple desk sat to one side facing the windows and behind the desk, sat the very man that Scott encountered in the restroom.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Henderson, I’m Richard Mulligan. I’d shake you hand but I know you haven’t washed them. Oh, before we begin—” He pressed the buzzer and, as he spoke, he looked right into Scott’s eyes. “Miss Brenley, call down to the mail room and tell them that Stewart Nichols is fired.”

“Right away, Mr. Mulligan.”

“Now then, Mr. Henderson, have a seat.”

Scott was as white as a sheet as he slowly walked towards a chair and sat down. A million thing passed through his mind but nothing collected long enough to form an apology of any sort.

“Mr. Henderson, before we begin this interview, we’re going to talk about your tardiness and your desire to please certain people with rumors you heard. But first, let’s discuss personal hygiene.”

Hope you enjoyed this post of Flash Fiction. Feel free to comment.

Happy Adventuring,


Announcement:  Just to give you a heads up, I don’t know what the future will hold for me and this blog. Some things in my life have changed in the last few months and will continue to change into the new  year. I will do what I can to keep this blog going.

In the meantime, please help me out by sharing these posts from my blog and promoting my books. Still hope to have book 3 available soon!


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