The Writer’s Review~Vol. II


It’s been six months since I posted my first collection of articles, way back in February! I decided it was time to do another one given that ideas for new articles are not coming to me, at the moment, and I’m striving to get ready for the release of book 3 AND prepare myself for NaNoWriMo in November.

Here’s a small collection of articles I’ve done and it’ll give new readers a chance to catch up!

Did I Write That? This question can be viewed as both positive and negative. Sometimes when we read what we have written, we’re amazed that it came from our own minds.

The Writer and the Public Appearance Getting ready to do a book signing? Here’s some tips to help you get ready.

The Writer and the God Complex When characters start to take on a life of their own, you sometimes feel like a god. But does that mean you have full control?

The Writer and Twitter Followers Here’s my two cents on the subject of who to Follow and who Follows you.

Writers are Peculiar People Nobody sees things the same way a writer does. Sometimes, that’s not a good thing. Depending on your research material.

And They Lived…Ever After How important are endings to stories? Should they end the way your readers expect?

The Writer’s Review Vol. 1 In case you missed my first collection, here’s a handy link to read other articles of mine.

Chris Small

Happy Adventuring!



I’m currently working with my artist on the cover for book 3. It looks amazing so far. I hope to have the book completed by the end of October.



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