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September is here and Summer will soon be sliding into Autumn. But before we do that, let me share my final interview of this collection. I just recently met Emily through Facebook and although she is a poet, she is soon to be releasing her first novel! I got together with her to discuss both her poetry and her upcoming book.

Hello Emily and welcome to the Fifth Tower! Please make yourself comfortable.

Thank you so much for having me! I’m so happy to be here!

Please tell us about your collection of poems in your book, Echoes.

I have written a large collection of poetry over the past ten years. Forty of those poems made it into this book. The topics of my poems range from dark, to sexy, to romantic, to paranormal. I tried to arrange them in a way that tell several stories and, in a whole, reflect the title. Echoes is my first published work.


A walk through what was, and a reminder of what could have been, in this chilling yet inspirational anthology of poems. Over a decade of poetry come together to tell a tale – and echo the lives lived behind closed doors.


The cover itself is also very personal for me. It was photographed and shot by one of my best friends, Diana Muniz, with my sister, Katie, as the model. I love everything about it and couldn’t be prouder to have it as the cover of my book.

Echoes cover


At the moment Echoes is only available through Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents (shameless I know . . . haha), but I hope to have it available through several other eBook sites as well as in print very soon.

What inspired you to write poetry?

Lets see . . . Well, I started writing poetry when I was in high school. Through the following years I wrote many poems – on anything I had around me at the time! Napkins, post-its, scrap paper, you name it! Early last year I decided that I wanted to share some of my work. I had always heard from my family and close friends that my writing was good but, as far as I could see that’s what they were supposed to say – right? Anyway, I decided that the best way to really know if I had any talent in this area was to start a blog, type up some work, close my eyes, and hit Enter. The feedback was instant and better than I could have ever hoped for.

Who are some poets that you admire?

The poet that I admire the most, and have loved for as long as I can remember, is Edgar Allan Poe. He is a true master of his craft. Not just his poetry either, his short stories are legendary. My favorite poems by Edgar Allan Poe are; A Dream Within A Dream, The Conqueror Worm, and of course The Raven.

Some other’s that I have followed are, Shel Silverstein (because his work, like Anteater, Hammock, and Messy Room are wonderfully fun!) and William Blake’s A Poison Tree is also a favorite of mine!

Tell us about your current project, Divinely Entwined.

Divinely Entwined (the Fallen Guardian series, Book 1) is my debut novel, which I hope to have published within the next few months. This is an Urban Fantasy series and follows the lives of a group of five Fallen Angels. Divinely Entwined will focus mainly on Christian and the feisty woman that stumbles into his life, Ella Roberts. You will also be introduced to a group of demons who are determined to not only tip the balance in the fight between good and evil in their favor . . . but they want to destroy the Guardians – in anyway possible! I have really enjoyed writing this novel and plan for it to be the first in a series of at least five additional books.

When you’re not writing, what do you do for fun?

I’m a huge reader of all genres. I of course have my favorites . . . such as JR Ward, Laurel K Hamilton, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz – to just name a few! I also love finding new authors! I have enjoyed finding and getting to know several Independent Authors. Many of whom I absolutely adore and look forward to reading more from.

I also enjoy going out dancing (which I haven’t been able to do as much of lately – but hope to be able to soon). I’ve always been a very social person so getting to meet new people is always a good time!

Do you have a Day Job? What do you do to pay the bills?

Unfortunately, yes . . . haha! As much as I hope to one day be able to be an author full time – I can’t do that yet! So, for the last (cough) ten years I have been working in the office of a local jewelry store. I do enjoy working there though! I love the people I work with, and besides having to deal with retail hours (those of you who have/has worked retail can join me in a general cringe) and the occasional unfriendly customer, my days are filled with fun times and new jewelry (smiles widely). What more could a girl want? Haha! I also get to work on my writing while I’m on my break so, all in all, everything is working out! I actually wrote the first chapter of Divinely Entwined one day while I was on my lunch at work! Not bad!

If you had the chance to write your next novel with a well-known author, who would it be and what would be the plot of that story?

J.R. Ward hands down! I think her writing style is absolutely amazing, her plots are filled with so many twists and surprises (which I can’t get enough of) and I LOVE her characters! I’m not sure what kind of plot I would want our story to be about, probably something within the Urban Fantasy genre, but really I think anything would be great. Just to work with her, on any level, would be a real honor!

If Divinely Entwined was to be made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles and why?

Oh wow, um . . . When I started writing Divinely Entwined I had a couple actors/actresses in mind for my characters. While I fully believe that when reading my work – everyone will have someone different that comes to mind – for me, this is who I picture:

Divinely Entwined’s main two character:

* Christian – Chris Evans

* Ella – Phoebe Tonkin

Christian’s Brothers (Fellow Fallen Angels):

* Darren – Paul Walker

* Manuel – Jake Gyllenhaal

* Cyrus – Theo James

* Nicholas – Ryan Reynolds

The reason for a lot of these are not solely based on looks (though in most cases it definitely helped – with most of my characters being fallen angels there are some features they have that well…human men just can’t have naturally! haha) so a lot of my decisions were based on how these actors and actresses performed in some of their movies. So if my book was a movie, these would be my picks! Except of course for the late Paul Walker (RIP), whom I just either can’t or don’t want to find anyone else who would be a better Darren, at least in my mind!

Once Divinely Entwined is completed and available for purchase, what is your next project?

I have actually already started on book two of my Fallen Guardian series. I’m really excited about how it’s going!

I also started working on another book, which will be the beginning of a new series – this one more of a dystopian fantasy, which I look forward to sharing more information on in the future!

I have also made notes and outlined two other possible series that I would like to write. One of which is another Urban Fantasy, while the other is an MC (Motorcycle Club) Dark Romance! What can I say . . . I’m a multi-genre author! And I look forward to sharing my work with everyone, as well as making many more friends!

Thank you for your time!

You’re very welcome! Thank you again for having me hon! I really had a blast and look forward to chatting with you again soon!

Divine Entwined

Here’s is the Synopsis for Divinely Entwined (Which I hope to have out before the end of the year!)

Divinely Entwined

By E.F. Rose

A Guardian who’s losing himself . . .

After falling to Earth the Fallen Angel Christian, along with his brothers, have stepped into the role of Earth’s Guardians. In the fight to keep the balance between good and evil, Christian has slowly begun to lose himself. That is, until his chance encounter with the feisty and enticing Ella Roberts. They are drawn to each other and begin to find feelings growing that neither can explain . . . but will it be enough?

A darkness threatening them all . . .

Danger is now lurking around every corner, and as the number of unanswered questions pile up, the balance between good and evil will be tipped. With everything on the line will Christian and Ella be able to trust in themselves, in each other . . . or will they lose themselves to the darkness?

Emily Rose

E.F. Rose (Emily) lives in California surrounded by her boyfriend, family, and friends. Her favorite things to do are read, write, dance, and enjoy life. Echoes is her first published book and is a collection of poems which she has written throughout the years. Her debut novel Divinely Entwined is scheduled to be out late 2014. Emily has always long to be a writer and hopes to one day be able to make a living doing what she loves.

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This concludes another interview and brings this post to a close. I have another interview to post soon but apparently there is this demon that stands between me and the author. Ever have one of those days?

Remember share any questions or comments you might have on this or any of our previous interviews. If you are an indie author and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming book release, please contact me here or send me a message on Facebook.

Until next time, Happy Adventuring!!



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  1. I have such respect for poets – it’s a gift that eludes me – I try my hand at little 140 character twitter games to get me to practice it. Great Interview!

    • Hi Elyse! As a Senior in high school O was introduced to sonnets and had written several. Perhaps I should post some online. Thanks for your comment!

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