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Since I’ve just completed my series of Indie Author interviews, I thought I would the links of all of them together on one page for easier reference. Just back on occasion as I will be adding more as the year continues. Thanks to all of the authors who took time to answer my questions and thanks to all of the reader who gave comments.


Mark Shaw–Author of Keeper of the Wind and founder of Indie Books Be Seen movement.

Benjamin Wallace— Author of Dumb White Husbands and Dystopia, Inc.

Kim Scott (Lydia North)–Author of “The Spirits of Maine” series

Susan May— Author of Back Again and other Suspense stories

Elyse Salpeter–Author of “Flying to the Light” and other stories

E. F. Rose— Poet and future author

Ciara Ballintyne–Fantasy novelist, Confronting the Demon and others.


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Happy Adventuring!



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