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Greetings from the Fifth Tower! Yes, I know it’s Thursday, and no, I don’t usually post on this day. But I am featuring Indie Author interviews for the next couple of weeks and I want to share them with you as soon as possible. Most of these authors have brand new books coming out by the end of August, and now is a good a time as any to introduce them to you, if you don’t know them already.

My guest today is Maine Author, Kim Scott, who recently took on an alter ego. We sat down and talked about her new series and her “friend”, Harvey.

What inspired you to create “The Spirits of Maine” series?

After writing six books in the Historical Fiction genre, I wanted to try something different. I’ve always loved ghost stories. The idea of setting the story in the woods of northern Maine was too good to resist. My readers were generous with good reviews so I just had to continue the series.


You’ve received a lot of praise for book 1, “Waiting for Harvey”. Tell us about the character, Harvey, and what has made this story so popular?

Harvey started his life in a small, crowded apartment in Biddeford, Maine. He was one of many children from a poor family. As a young child he worked ten hour days in the textile mill, alongside his cruel father. Years of physical abuse led him to run away from home. He became an angry, lonely young con-man. He died young and a vengeful ghost was left behind. The one thing that never changed was his loneliness and desperate need for a friend. That’s what makes Harvey so dangerous.

Book 2 of The Spirits of Maine Series.

Book 2 of The Spirits of Maine Series.

With book 2, “Lilies in the Clearing”, coming in August and plans for a January release for book 3, do you see this as an open-ended series or is there a certain number of books?


This is definitely an open-ended series. ‘A Solitary Grave in the Maine Woods’, book four in this series, should be out next spring.

Tell us about your pen name, Lydia North.

I spent a full month batting around names before I decided to go with Lydia North. After writing Historical Fiction under my own name, I knew I had to come up with a pen name for the change of genre. Initially I had planned to use a man’s name, but finally chose Lydia North. Something about it seems to go well with ghost stories and Maine.

Can we expect other books from Lydia North in addition to the Spirits of Maine series?

Possibly, I am contemplating some ideas. I am working on a new book titled Plummeting. It is not Historical Fiction or Paranormal. I am considering publishing it under my pen name.

If you had a chance to co-write a novel with any writer, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Tell us about the book you would write.

Stephen King! I would choose him because he is the Master. The perfect story would be to collaborate with him on would take place in an abandoned asylum. Set in Maine, of course, in a big, old, stone building. Someplace dark where unimaginable beings dwell. I’d be happy to follow his lead in a story like that.

What should we expect to read from Kim Scott next?

My next book under my own name will be a return to Historical Fiction. The title is ‘Forgive Me Mattie’ and it will be my first that is not set in Maine. This is the story of a young couple in the 1920s. They meet, marry, and embark on a honeymoon aboard The Transcontinental Railroad. During the three week trip they learn more about each other than they had ever anticipated. In the end, one will reveal a horrifying secret.

What made you decide to become a writer?

I developed a rare immune disease that attacked my lungs. My case is atypical even for this rare disease so it was a big challenge to get a diagnosis. It’s been a long road of experimental treatments from chemo drugs to IV therapy. There is no cure and attempting to control the symptoms is a continual juggling act. With my activities limited a friend challenged me to write my first book. I did it just to show her I couldn’t. After good reviews for that book, I wrote the second to prove the first was a fluke. It was well received and I wrote two more in the series before I accepted that I was writing books. My friends, family, and readers call me an author. Personally, I think of myself as a person with limitations who needs to stay busy.

You’re involved in a lot of pages and groups for writers, what advice do you share with others?

I share a wide variety of information because no two authors are the same. What is the perfect solution for one author might be disastrous for another. We need to support each other if we hope to succeed. The groups and pages I have created were designed to help my fellow authors and assisting me as well.

What is considered your ultimate goal as a writer? (for example: NYT Best Sellers list, movie rights, etc.)

My ultimate goal is to get my books into as many hands as possible. Whether they buy them or borrow them, I simply want my books to be read. A Best Sellers List would be nice. What author wouldn’t want that? Earning money from the sales of my books is always nice, but even having my books borrowed from the local library brings me joy.

When you are not writing, what do you do for fun?

My parents were workaholics and I inherited their need to work. I have limitations that keep me at home most of the time, but I have to stay busy. Writing, reading, marketing, and related work keeps me occupied. Beyond that I love movies. I have a big family and enjoy time with them, usually on the weekend.

What advice do you give to those who want to become writers?

Write from your heart. Don’t write what you think might sell, write the story you need to tell.

Kim Scott AKA Lydia North

Kim Scott AKA Lydia North

For more information about Kim Scott, her alter ego Lydia North, and their books, check out her page on

That concludes our entry for today. Tune in Monday for our next author interview!


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