The Fun of Friday Phrases… #FP

Join us for the fun with Friday Phrases. Not sure what that is, read about it here…

Elyse Salpeter

fpI will admit it, I’m hooked on the Friday Phrases Twitter game. Every week I eagerly wait for this micro-fiction party. The concept is, you write a story in a simple tweet and end it with the hashtag #FP. You can come up with your own ideas, or they’ll even offer you a prompt to use. I can spend hours just perusing the hashtag, watching the incredible entries pour in.

“How hard is this to do” you might ask? Think about it. A story in one or two lines, complete with emotion and depth? It isn’t easy and it’s amazing to see the stories people have come up with. It’s also a thrill to see how many people favorite, retweet, or comment on the ones you do. This way you have a gauge on how well the “story” was received.

Some of my highest ranked ones that I’ve written (under…

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