Imaginations from the Other Side

Book2_Full Cover

Hello everyone! A thousand apologies for not updating here over the last couple of weeks. I had other priorities I needed to tend to and so I put this blog on hold. As you can see, the photo above is the cover for book 2 of The Askinar Towers trilogy, Sibling Rivalry. The cover art is designed by Hanna-Rikka Kontinaho. The release date for this book is tomorrow, Tuesday May 29th at the price of $4.99

Here’s my description for the story:

The quest for the fifth tower continues

Zombies, Ogres, and Trolls…oh my! Sara and Erika continue their search for the legendary fifth tower, but many problems begin to surface. Their main problem being…each other! Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, putting the sisters at odds with each other.So much so that they go to war!

But now, the robed figure is closing in on the girls and the key. He is becoming more involved in the girls’ plans and will almost anything to obtain his objective. Can the sisters put aside their differences, hold off the shapeshifter, and continue to find a way into the fifth tower? If not, they will wander the towers forever.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing some flash fiction scenes over at my brand new blog found on Tumblr called, The Towers of Askinar. I’ve also continued my Chuck saga at the Floor 17 Cafe blog.


So, I haven’t exactly avoid working on things in conjunction with my story, just haven’t updated here. One final thing, book 1 is available for only 99 cents on That sale will go through to the end of the week, so get your copy now!

Until next time,

Happy Adventuring!!



The title of this post is a song by Blind Guardian, which has served as inspiration for my trilogy!

Sibling Rivalry is already published!! Get your copy right now!!


2 responses to “Imaginations from the Other Side

  1. Congrats and good to see you back!

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