Sibling Rivalry~Partial Cover reveal


This week I do not have a new article planned. A family crisis occurred over the weekend and that’s foremost in my mind right now. However, my book launch party is still expected to take place this coming Saturday, March 15.

What I do want to do today is announced that Sibling Rivalry: book 2 of The Askinar Towers will be launched on April 29th. Here is a partial cover reveal to entice your interest…


I’ll be showing the entire cover at the book launch this Saturday.

Next week, I hope to have a brand new article. In the meantime, share any comments you might have about this partial cover reveal and how it might play into the second book.

Happy Adventuring!



My author page on goodreads which can be found here.

You can purchase my book at one of these outlets…


iTunes (Apple)

Kindle (Amazon)

B&W Me 007

Here’s a link to information concerning my first book launch party: Author Appearance


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