The Writer’s Review Vol. 1


I have decided not to do a new post this week but instead I will share a collection of links to previous articles to bring new members up to speed on this blog and what I’m all about. In the meantime, I am working on two new posts. The first will be for Alice’s Carnival Blog event; February’s subject is Love and the Presidents. The second one I am working on is for this site and that is on the Writer’s public appearance. Not just book signings or talks, but your overall appearance to the public from your website to the author photo on your book.

For now please enjoy this collection and don’t forget to check my announcements at the end of this post.

The Writer and Bonus Material. This article talks about extra stuff you can provide for your reader to keep an interest in your books especially when it’s been published for a few years.

The Writer’s Resources. This article was tailored for NaNoWriMo but is useful all year long. This is a collection of sites that I frequent for names generators, calendars, and other things for my stories.

The Writer and the Book Cover. In this article I give my opinion of the necessity of cover art including some of my former covers. Regardless of the old adage, You should judge a book by its cover.

The Writer and The Platform. This article is my two cents on the subject of the Writer’s platform and when one should put it together.

Support your “Local” authors. I pay homage to indie authors in this article and utilize the New Year’s Resolution concept to read more indie author books for 2014.

Don’t forget to tip your Waitress Author! This article is to encourage all readers to write a review for the books that you read. Not just a tip of the hat to the author, but it also helps fellow readers decide if the book is worth reading. Yes, there are those who actually read reviews before buying a book.

That’s pretty much it for the time being. I know lists like this usually occur at the start or the end of the year, but with the pending release of book 1 on January 31st, I chose now to do this grouping. I may do another one later this year.

In the meantime, share your comments of what you’ve read on this site. Also feel free to suggest ideas for future articles. Until next week, Happy Adventuring!


Announcements: Book 1 is officially released! It is now available at the following outlets:

BN Nook


iTunes (Apple)

Kindle (Amazon)

I am planning a book launch party here in Mesa, AZ for the 15th of March. No details as of yet but if you’re able, please attend and support me and my books. I will reveal the cover for book 2 at the party.


4 responses to “The Writer’s Review Vol. 1

  1. I like your suggestion to tip the author. I think that’s a great idea. I must make a (new) habit of that! Thanks!

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