The Writer and the New Year


As we come to the end of this year, let me ask you this one simple question: Where do you see yourself one year from now? I’m not necessarily speaking physically, but more in terms of life. Job promotion? School completion? Married? Children? The possibilities are endless. For my writer friends, will you have: A first draft completed? First book finished? A book deal signed? What are your goals for the coming year?

 New Year, New Opportunities

With every January 1st, a clean slate is presented to us. A chance to make changes in our life, whether great or small, and hope for the better in the coming year. I encourage everyone to make a change in their life for the new year. I’m going to try and write more this year so I might get my next story or stories done by September. Some of the easier changes a person can make in life are: read more books, get up five minutes earlier so as not to be rushed, reduce the amount of e-mail viewing to twice a day (as opposed to once and hour), spend more time with the family in outings or simply in the backyard.

Again the possibilities are endless. Pick something simple and then work your way up to more difficult. All resolutions don’t have to be made for January. Start with the first and then add others as the year progresses.

My Resolutions for 2014

I’m usually very bad at making resolutions, just like everyone else. But for this coming year, I have made a resolution, or three, in regards to my trilogy. I will have all three books published by this time next year! As you may have read in my previous post (The Writer and the Old Year), I hope to have book 1 out by the end of January. And, as of right now, that’s still on track. Book 2 is planned to be released in May and book 3, for October. Since all three books are completed, and I’m in the process of having them edited, I feel that this is a resolution that I can keep for the coming year.

Another resolution I have made is to read more. Well, not just read more, but to read more books by Indie Authors. And this is not because I too am an indie author, but over the last several months I have come across some really good novels written by people who are, otherwise, virtually unknown! They are just as capable as spinning a tale like Rowling, King and the others, but are rarely read because they are not published by the Big 5 or have a book for sale on a shelf in the local store.

Since 2005, when I took my own writing more seriously, I have leaned more towards releasing e-books rather than print. Not that I don’t want one of my books on a shelf, but there are more and more readers out there who prefer to read electronically. And with all of the options out there for e-book avenues, I’d be a fool to try and limit myself to one style of book.

Happy New Year!

Regardless of what the New Year brings your way, try and make it a positive year for yourself. Only you can decide what kind of day, month and year you will have. There’s enough negativity out there as it is and we certainly don’t need to add to it. At the same time, it’s up to us as to how we respond or react to this negativity as well. Let’s do our best to make this coming year better than any of the previous ones.

Share any comment or questions you might have in regards to this article or others that you’ve might recently read. Feel free to include your own resolutions or goals for the coming year and let’s check in on each other throughout the year.

Once again I’d like to thank all of my friends and fellow writers that I’ve made since May and I hope to keep them and make more in the coming year.

Happy Adventuring!



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