The Writer and the Old Year


           As we come to the close of another year, let’s take a moment and reflect on: where you were, and where you are now as a writer. Has there been any change at all or it is the same now as it was in January? I’d like to share my experience for this year of 2013.

 Manuscript Accepted

            I first saw an ad for Tiger Dynasty Publishing on Facebook around March or April. I figured it’s a new company; I’m a new author, so let’s grow together! I contacted them and discussed their plans over the next month or so. I wanted to be more than just an e-book author. I wanted to see my book on a shelf in a store as I am a bit of a traditionalist. They informed me that they could make this happen and so I submitted my query along with three sample chapters.

By May my manuscript was accepted and the contract signed by the end of June. I was psyched to be connected to a publisher and could hardly wait to have my first book come out.

 Researching the Industry

            As soon as my manuscript was accepted I was off to the library to do research on the publishing industry. As I went through books I found, I came across this thing called a Writer’s Platform. It was then that I realized that I had to face down my nemesis, Twitter, and make an appearance on there. I attempted it once before about two years ago with zero success. Of course the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing and was only on for two weeks didn’t help matters either.

            I bit the bullet and joined and, within a month, I managed to work my way through the site. In addition, I was meeting all kinds of fellow authors through blogs and social media and making friends. I set up my own blog, this one that you’re reading, and soon found myself blogging on a regular basis.

The Date is Set

            It was around August that I received back my first set of edits on my manuscript and soon learned that commas are my enemy. I’m sure people reading these blog entries can see that and may cringe a time or two. In addition to my first set of edits, I received my release date of December 3, 2013.

From here, I made plans to align my articles on my blog to countdown towards the book release. Making more friends, I started doing interviews for people to get to know me as an author. This somewhat became an embarrassment to me, as I had neither cover image nor link to the upcoming book. But this was instructed by the company to do so and so I did.

 Looming Trouble

            As October drew to a close, I sensed something wasn’t right. I had seen the initial cover art for the book, but nothing completed. I was also informed that the finished project was to be sent to the distributors six weeks prior to the release, which was right about this time. I still hadn’t received the second set of edits yet and I was concerned that this project would not reach completion on time. I spoke to the company about it but they appeared evasive in their response. Meanwhile, other projects that they had, were being released left and right; mostly those from within the company.

            In all honesty, I was skeptical from Day One about this group but decided to make the most of the situation. I have them to thank for getting me motivated and actually get myself known in the world of social media. As November came along, I decided not to worry about it anymore as I’ve already lost sleep over whether it would be done on time.

Parting Ways

On Saturday November 30, 2013, I come home from work to see a post by the president of the publishing company announcing that their deal with distribution fell through and that they could no longer offer services free of charge. They allowed us all the option of breaking our contracts since they could no longer abide by them.

I spoke to him for about half an hour online in regards to what happened. I also asked about the future of my project with and without them. So, in the end, I opted to part ways and go my own direction. As I mentioned in an article earlier this month, I saw this as a pothole on the road to publication.

In truth, this was a blessing in disguise because I knew that if I stayed, I most likely wouldn’t have a definite release date but, I would be paying for everything anyway so why not self-publish and eliminate the middle man?

Current Status

As of this writing, I have my latest edits back and have the final stages of the cover art being completed. If all goes well, and I can afford to buy ISBNs, I can have book 1 available by the end of January. Yes, no definite date yet but I will make sure that whatever date I choose, will be the actual release date and not just a possibility.

Overall, this year has been a learning experience for me and I have definitely come a long way over the last several months as a writer. I’ve learned so much about my writing and the world of publishing, that I have even improved myself since January.


This brings my entry to close and I thank you for reading. In fact, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me in the last few months. I don’t want to name names because I’m sure I’ll overlook someone and feelings will be hurt. But your friendship and comments mean a lot to me! As I look towards next year, I hope to be further along and hope to have books available for purchase.

Now I ask you, the reader, has your year as a writer changed any? Have you written more or less since January? Share your thoughts and comments here and have a great 2014.


Happy Adventuring!  



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