The Writer’s Pothole


We’re all familiar with Writer’s Block, when a writer either stares at a blank page not knowing where to begin or get to point in a story where you don’t know where to go next. You may know what the next point of the story is but not how to get there.

 Back in Sepmtember I talked about the Writer’s Turmoil in which you’ve completed a story or series and, although you have several ideas, you’re not sure which one you want to start next. Or, sometimes you’ll start one project and then a better idea comes along and you decide to go with that.

Today I want to talk about another problem that some writers have and that is The Writer’s Pothole. This comes along the way on the Road to Publication.

I have experienced this pothole as of Saturday when I learned that my publisher, Tiger Dynasty Publishing, had to completely overhaul how they handle the manuscripts. Due to circumstance beyond their control, which involved distribution, they came forward to the authors and gave us all the option of staying or leaving the company…no questions asked. The promises that they made to us could no longer be honored and thus we were allowed to break our contract.

I spoke to Nathan Squiers, president of the company; in regards to what would happen with my book, which was to be released December 3rd, should I stay on or if I decided to leave. After about a thirty minute conversation with him, I decided that it would be best overall for me to leave taking back my manuscript which was in the second editing stage. I’m not even sure if the cover art was completed.

So, this is my pothole and I call it that because I’m not giving up in getting my books published. Since being accepted by TDP back in May, I have done research online about the publishing process and learned about the Writer’s Platform. From there I’ve met various fellow writers and published authors and have learned about where I can turn to in order to have my books published. All too often writers will see this incident as a bad omen to the point where they feel that they were never meant to be published. There is nothing further from the truth on this. With all of the options out there for writers to publish books, you look at your current status as a temporary setback or pothole and from there, you move on.

With all of this said, I hope to have book 1 of The Askinar Towers available for purchase in early 2014. I won’t give any specific date as I am not sure of the current status of the editing of my book.

I apologize to everyone who expected my book to come out this Tuesday. I know I hadn’t posted on this blog over almost a month and it ties loosely to the events of the publishing company. I will continue to post information concerning my book and, hopefully do a Cover Reveal very soon. I bear no ill-will towards Nathan and his company. I knew I was taking a gamble with joining a newly created publisher but I wanted to grow right along with them. Perhaps, down the road, I might return to do business with them.

So what kind of potholes have you encountered on the Road to Publication? Questionable covers? Lack of attention to detail? What has slowed you down? Just remember to see it as a temporary setback and not a reason to quit.

Happy Adventuring!


Additional Announcement

As of right now I believe I have found both an editor and a cover artist. I’m still looking at venues to publish which, most likely, will be Self-publishing.

My side project, Observations of a cafe waiter, continues every Tuesday and Friday. You can check it out at the Floor 17 Cafe blog.


3 responses to “The Writer’s Pothole

  1. So sorry to hear that things fell through with the publisher for reasons outside of both your control! Glad they handled things ethically though and gave you back your rights to the manuscript without forcing you to take legal action. It seems like you have a very positive outlook of things and made the right decision for you after careful consideration of your options. BEST OF LUCK!!!!

    • Hi Victoria!
      Thanks very much for you comments and words of encouragement. As of right now, I project to have all three novels available online by the end of next year. If all goes according to plan book 1 should be out next month.
      Thanks again!

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