Observations of a Café Waiter

Businessman running across streetThis week I wanted to share with you my current project that is taking place over on the Floor 17 Café blog. This is an idea that features the waiter, Chuck whom you will meet in book 1 of The Askinar Towers trilogy to be released from Tiger Dynasty Publishing very soon.

As you may recall one of my earlier articles, The Writer and Bonus Material, suggested additional stories, as well as, other projects to entice the reader to buy your book. Chuck and his observations are part of the bonus material, as it isn’t found in the book itself.

This project focuses on the events that take place within the café itself and helps the reader to understand what I’m about as a writer and what the trilogy is about as a story. Below I’ve added the links to all of the current entries written by Chuck including a brand new one not yet released on the blog itself. Please enjoy!

Chuck’s First Customers

Swanky and Posh

Power Lunch Bunch

The Salesman

Those Eyes

Live Entertainment

The Aftermath

Table for One

And now, here’s the brand new entry from Chuck!


This is Chuck and today I’m writing to you from my room on Floor 50 of the Tower of Water. The reason I am writing from here is that I’ve been banned from the Floor 17 Café while they undergo renovations from the destruction by the white stag, which I momentarily spoke about last week when I was on my date with Sarinna. Uncle Maurice was so livid that he couldn’t utter a syllable let along and entire word.

Today I just learned that I would be working for Roland Haberdasher at The Chopping Block in Cordra. Working there for an entire month! My spirits were slightly raised since he is Tanith’s husband and I would most likely see her but then someone told me that she doesn’t work there but at Quenchers in Manzana Gran, which is about 6 hours away. They also have me staying with a dwarf named Evander who is co-owner of The Block as they nickname it.

In my place at the café, Roland is sending another dwarf by the name of Finder Nacklenab. So it looks like Roland will be getting his waiter exchange after all. No one has said anything to me since the incident nor have they come up to visit me. Not even Johano wants to be seen with me, which really hurts.

I did learn that Gretchen’s entertainment took place even with the destruction. She found Dr. Holloway’s Traveling Medicine Show and had him and his assistant, Hoagie, do several shows to the delight of the audience. It seemed a lot of people showed up and even participated in his demonstrations and it was a huge success! Good for Gretchen, I’m sure she’ll rub it in my face when I come back.

The damage I’m told was a fair amount including; tables, chairs and the Maitre D stand used by Maurice. I was told this by Sarinna who later came up to my room to see how I was doing. When she had returned to the café, she easily managed to return him to the Pouch of Forest Friends and apologized to Maurice and the staff and even offered to pay for damages. Her offer was turned down and even my ban was lifted because of the mess. Maurice simply didn’t want me anywhere in the café for a month while things got taken care of. He figured that a month at The Chopping Block would straighten me out instead.

Well there you have it folks. I really messed up big time and it may take a while to earn Maurice’s respect again. A long while. I am to remain here in my room until Evander comes and collect me. Hopefully I get to post a few observations from The Block in the meantime.


I hope you enjoyed these entries and will consider buying book 1 when it becomes available. If you have any suggestions of characters or ideas you’d like to see played out in these entries, share them below. Feel free to leave any other comment you’d like and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll see you back here next Monday.

Happy Adventuring!



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