Book 1 BTS: Sherlockian Realm


This week we pull back the curtain of my stories and take a look at another behind-the-scenes from the first book, Nexus of the Worlds. A couple weeks ago I discussed the Floor 17 Café in detail and this week I want to look at a realm, which I haven’t given a name to, that is in keeping with the Sherlock Holmes era of the late 19th Century.

The Area Towns

The three towns in there area are Bainbridge, Langstrath, and Thistlehurst. The one significant difference I made is that Thistlehurst is more of an 18th century town. I just wanted to be a little different. There are a handful of other towns in the area but I deal strictly with these three in book 1 and again in book 3. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some photos to give you an idea of the setting.

            Since Johnny Secret is a detective, and a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories, I decided to make his character shine with a mystery to solve and placed it in a Sherlockian era. He handles himself rather well in this scenario.

The Realm Hub

I created three towns in their realm that are kind of like spokes to a wheel and the hub of the towns is the city police. . The city police are aware of the differences of each town and will adjust uniform and conduct accordingly. I felt that since the towns are not that heavily populated, one police station would suffice and have enough men to patrol all three of them. Putting them at the center would make travel for the police easier as well as for citizens who need to make complaints or require assistance.

The Basic Plot

Since I’m not very good at writing mysteries, I did the best I could with the scenario. My characters arrive in this realm unexpectedly after chasing someone and get caught up in a scandal that involves two mayors: Lord Curtis Kirgis of Thistlehust and Lord Stephen Raleigh of Langstrath. There isn’t a mayor for Bainbridge but the two serve as co-mayors, if you will. Simply put the mayors each own a town and share joint interest in the third.

The scandal occurs when a compromising photo is used as blackmail to gain full control of the third town. Johnny Secret is brought in to solve the mystery but the outcome is not quite as expected when a third party involves themselves in the proceedings.

New Friends

As the mystery draws to a close, the girls earn the respect and admiration of a family in this realm and are brought back into the story in book 3 as a hook for the opening scenario there. I’d tell who it is, but that would spoil that story.

Character Departure

As is tradition in a lot of stories, when a character is about to leave a story the scene of scenario is focused on them. This is Johnny’s departure and it was hard for me to write as I got very attached to him. The final scene was very heartbreaking for me but I won’t spoil for you the reader!

That wraps up this article. Don’t forget my current project over at Floor 17 Café blog and look for book 1 to come out in December. Share any questions or comments you might have below and I’ll see you next week!

Happy Adventuring!



3 responses to “Book 1 BTS: Sherlockian Realm

  1. Ooo! I love Sherlock Holmes! This sounds awesome!

    • Thanks Kayla! I’m sure my mystery doesn’t even come close to Doyle’s but I did make a rudimentary one. And given that this is MG/YA it shouldn’t be too difficult a mystery in the first place.

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