The Writer’s Turmoil


Have you ever got to a point in your writing life in which the ideas outnumbered the stories? In other words as you begin one story, ideas for several more come along and suddenly you’re at a multiple crossroads and not sure where to turn next. This is my current dilemma and I’ll share my resolution below.

My Completed Projects

The three stories I have written and completed are the trilogy of The Askinar Towers. It’s a story written in the tradition of The Wizard of Oz and features two girls with a special key in search of the legendary fifth tower. It took me seven years to complete it but it is officially done. I have signed with a publisher and book one should be out in December.

Jarryd McCallen

This was to be my follow up Fantasy series featuring a young man, a former thief, who serves a work furlough of thirty days employed in a local tavern. I currently have foundations written for the first two books, courtesy of NaNoWriMo, but not a lot has been added to either story.

I had in mind to make this as an open-ended series in which Jarryd becomes a detective and I would create Fantasy Mysteries. It’s not that I have writer’s block or anything as I finally figured out my antagonist, it’s simply a lack of motivation to want to continue it at this time.

Second Eden

This was a new idea that I had been toying with for a few years. It’s to be a full scale mystery set in a fictional town in Massachusetts near Boston. The story was set in 1953 just at the conclusion of the Korean War. The fictional town was a government experiment to bring together a melting pot of people and professions to prove that they can coexist as a community and not have to worry about wars.

The first story was to feature serial killer on the loose and my detective would be brought to solve the case. The only drawback I currently have with this one is that I am not fully educated in the genre but I am in the process of learning. So down the road I will write, at least, the first story.

My Current Solution

As you may have noticed I used the word ‘current’. That’s because those who know me know that I have a tendency to change my mind once it’s made. Hence the turmoil I’ve been suffering for the last few months or more.

I spoke to Kayla Curry, good friend and fellow writer, about my marketing scheme for my upcoming trilogy on the towers. Once we finished talking and she sent me all of her notes and my solution became clear to me. I needed to return to the towers and expand that series.

This is not going to be like Douglass Adams’ six novel trilogy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide, but rather new stories separate and apart from the trilogy and within the same concept of the towers. In other words, the trilogy will act as an introduction and other stories will further explore the multiple worlds of the towers.

New Stories, New Worlds

To begin my solution I have created a Facebook fan page called The Askinar Towers in which all new related to the trilogy and upcoming stories will be found there. I will post updates here and am looking to create a monthly newsletter via Mailchimp.

Hot on the heels of book one’s release in December, I hope to have completed a brand new shorty story featuring the girls, my MCs and their detective friend, Johnny Secret; in a side adventure that will fit within book one. I won’t say any more about it except that it will be set in the Old West.

A second story, which will technically be the fourth towers book, will feature a character from book two. He will get a complete adventure all his own and will visit some familiar places and explore brand new ones, to readers, as well.

Finally, I am going to write a series of diary type entries that will be found exclusively on The Askinar Towers fan page featuring observations from Chuck, a waiter in the Floor 17 Café. Chuck is introduced in book one and everything, including scenes from the trilogy, will be discussed from his point of view. Tentatively titled Observations from a Café Waiter, these will begin around the middle of October.

So there you have it! How about you? Do you suffer from Writer’s Turmoil and what do you do about it? I’d love to hear your comments. Don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter and please subscribe to this blog. Check out my new page The Askinar Towers as my daughters will be involved there since they are the models of my MCs in the trilogy.

Happy Adventuring!



5 responses to “The Writer’s Turmoil

  1. That is a great way to solve your problem! I think exploring the different worlds of the towers will be fun for readers who have already read the Askinar Towers and also bring readers who haven’t to them.

  2. Chris, I don’t know how you get so much writing accomplished. Going back to familiar stompin’ grounds is Doing What Comes Naturally, rather than taking the time to clear the new paths. Sounds like another winner for you. I fell behind on everything, put 24 HOURS on hold and am having fun blogging Spaceship511.

    • Hi Mariam,
      I’m not getting as much writing done as you may think. I have, over the last several years, used November as my launch pad for most of my books. But once December gets here, I usually stop writing. The only thing I have really been persistent with is this blog. Which is why I’m trying to change gears and write something new. So far I’m on track with it for the month of October. I hope to complete it by the end of the month and they put it aside to work on other things.

      Putting one project on hold to work on another is not a bad thing. It allows you to keep fresh your ideas when you return to it. Good luck!

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