Let’s talk about dumping…

New Article from my new friend! This is about infodump and is it good or bad.

J.E. Tankersley

That’s right. It’s time to talk about the infodump. Are they a good thing? Are they a terrible thing? I’ve been asked to talk about them, what I think about them, and the pros and cons of using them. This seems like one of those topics of writing that everyone has a very strong opinion on, either good or bad, and I honestly think both sides have valid points. I sort of ride the fence on whether infodumps are acceptable or not. If you want a quick answer as to how I feel about them: I used two in my novel. Couldn’t get around it. But I made it work. And if you want to dump, you have to make it work too.

So are they okay?

Much like everything else in writing, and I do mean everything, it really just depends on the situation. So let’s say…

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