The Writer and Celebrities



Written by Christopher Mentzer

 Every aspiring writer dreams of a celebrity following him on Twitter. But how can you make this dream come true without appearing as just another Fan?

 When my book was first selected for publication I was encouraged to make my presence known online so that when the book officially came out people would look for it. I’ve created a blog, have a Twitter account and appear on other social networks.

Now that I’m on Twitter I’ve noticed that, besides my fellow writers, there are celebrities who actually run their own accounts. Most of the pages on Facebook are fan generated but it would appear on Twitter the celebrities themselves did it.

 I got to thinking that if I were to follow a celebrity perhaps they would follow me back, read my book, and then suggest it to others. Then maybe just maybe Hollywood would come knocking on my door with a movie contract!

But how does you get noticed by a celebrity without seeming like your typical convention-going fanatic? Here are some things I’ve observed and shall share with you:

1) Celebrities are People too.

It’s true! They put their pants on one leg at a time like you and me. They eat and sleep and go to the grocery store and pay bills just like the rest of us. If you treat them just like a normal human being who has problems like you do, you can see past the tinsel and glitter and get to know the real individual.

2) Respond appropriately to Tweets

This is where you can separate yourself from the herd. All too often I find fans respond to every and any post of a celebrity with things like: “Follow Me”, “I love your show”, “You’re really hot!” and so on. All these responses will simply lump you into the Fanboy/girl group and get you ignored.

      Instead reply to Tweet like you would a friend or co-worker:

  • · If they are having issues with a computer or something similar, offer suggestions if you’re familiar with the problem or simply offer sympathy that they are having a rough time.
  • · If a celebrity wrote an article on another site and linked to it, read the article and respond in regards to that article. For example: A female celebrity, whom I’m following, wrote an article on an incident that took place overseas. I read the article and although it was aimed at women I praised her writing and sympathized with the issue at hand.
  • · If they discuss a possibility of getting a role in a new movie or TV series, support them 100% even if it’s something you would never watch. Show your enthusiasm for their accomplishments.

3) Stay out of other conversations

Even though you are following a celebrity and all of their Tweets appear on your home page, that does not give you the right to insert yourself into every conversation, especially if they are talking to one individual. If you are familiar with the topic and can offer advice, then casually comment that you can but don’t give it unless asked.

 4) Show patience

None of these suggestions are a guarantee but may just show the celebrity you are following that you can see past the onscreen presence and recognize the real person in front of you. Maybe, just maybe, you will get noticed and they will start to follow you.

 5) Don’t Brag about them

Finally, if you do get them to follow you, don’t brag about it on your profile page or in your tweets. This is a personal pet peeve of mine and is one that will turn me off from following you.

Yes, congrats that you have them following you, but if that is something you have to put in your profile then you must not have any other accomplishments worth mentioning. If you need a refresher, read the first two points.

 So there you have it! Again, these are not foolproof. But I will still follow them and will continue to try to get noticed and then who knows? One day my books will be on the movie screen.

What about you? Are celebrities following you? Have you tried to contact any of them? Please share any additional advice you might have to this.



3 responses to “The Writer and Celebrities

  1. Most celebrity writers will follow you back and have tons of tips. For a writer, this is golden. Also, be sure to respond to tweets and retweet. Many people clean up their contact lists regularly. If you aren’t participating you may get deleted.
    Great article, Chris!

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