The Birth of a Storyteller



I’ve run as fast as I can
Thinking they’ll never catch me
What a waste of breath a waste of time
Feel like digging a hole
Going in even deeper
Maybe they just can’t see what just can’t shine
I’ll be lost – so no goddbyes
If no one moves then nothing dies
Just the eyes
Oh no – they’ve done it again
Sending out the detectives
Searching for signs of life and that means me
In my invisible dreams
When no one is watching

I’d make the whole world blind and I’d be free

You won’t find these work in a book because they weren’t written by an author and yet a great storyteller wrote them to share with whole world. These are lyrics from singer, Ronnie James Dio who was born on this day, July 10th, 61 years ago. Sadly he was taken from this world three years ago last May and yet his legacy lives on.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear him sing by all means do so! You can find all of his work on Youtube. This channel is one I’ve put together

To explore his lyrics check out this site…



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