Fan of Twitter…now


Yes, I admit it, I am a fan of Twitter! For the longest time I only supported Facebook (since May, 2009) and anytime offers were made through Twitter my response was always, “Twitter? Ewwww!”

But now I’m hooked and it’s primarily because I’m using it as part of my Writer’s Platform. Since I’ve been on Twitter which is about 3 weeks now, I’ve obtained almost 100 Followers which is more that I’ve had on Facebook (given the fact that I Unfriend a lot of people if they aren’t active) and the majority of my followers are fellow authors (and crazy people).

I hope to continue to gain more followers especially once my books start to be released in publication. Yeah I haven’t said much about them but that’s primarily because the company I have chosen is relatively new and I am testing the waters with them before I plunge headfirst in promotions. In the meantime I hope to share some more ramblings about myself if anyone is interested and let you know about my progress on other stories that I am currently working on.
Feel free to view a couple short stories that are on this blog. I’d post the link but I haven’t figured that out yet. One story is titled, The Yellow Rose of Venus and the other is The Forbidden Kiss. Give them a read and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, I’m going to start a new short story for an anthology of which the theme is the Seven Deadly Sins.



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