New Short Story

Today I haven’t written anything in regards to 30 Days however, I did start a new short story.  My girls helped me come up with activities to do this week while I’m on vacation. My youngest want us all to write a short story today using the same subject. She inspires to be a writer just like her father (that’s me by the way). I said let’s make it between 500 and 2000 words.

So, since she had the idea of writing I let her pick the topic but she couldn’t think of anything. So I suggested a story about a cowboy who ends up on another planet. All three of us wrote like mad. After 45 minutes of writing, both were done averaging about 1500 words each, while dear ol’ Dad only got to about 1000 words with the story only half done. The girls each read their story and both show my creative side with very interesting stories.

I will get back to my story later today and hopefully will post it when I edit it. It’s my second Sci-fi story I’ve attempted.


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