An Ode to Elizabeth

Several years ago I wrote a short story titled, The Forbidden Kiss, as a Valentine’s gift for some female co-workers.  In the back I created this Acrostic Poem about one of the characters featured in the story…

An Ode to Elizabeth

Every time I look into your eyes I know,

Love for me is there it really does show.

I have seen it since I first went to the tower,

Zelphine the sorcerer has no greater power.

Although your outward appearance is new,

Beauty within remains as sweet as the dew.

Every flower bows to your grace,

There is such kindness, I see, in thy dark face.

How I love thee more in your present form,

Still I feel sorry for your previous forlorn.

Kiss me, you cried and when I finally did,

I knew your true self was no longer hid.

Stay by my side my dear sweet companion,

Strength that we share will make us a champion.



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