I’m Not Sleepy

A dragon’s bedtime story

 At the edge of the forest sat a house owned by a family of dragons.  The sun had just gone down and the moon shone brightly in the sky.

            “Belinda, time for bed,” said her mother.

            “I’m not sleepy,” said Belinda with a yawn.  “I still want to play.”

            “All dragons must go to bed,” said her mother.  “Your brother and sister are going to bed.”

Belinda walked to her room, her tail dragging behind.

            “Five more minutes?  I’m not sleepy,” she asked.

            “Not one minute more,” replied her mother.

Belinda entered her room and her mother stood at the door.

            “Now I want you to put on your pajamas, wash your face, brush your teeth and then get into bed,” instructed her mother.  “I’ll be back in ten minutes to tuck you in.”  She then closed the door. 

Suddenly Belinda realized she had ten extra minutes to play!  She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her face and put on her pajamas.  Then she slipped out her window and ran to the woods near her backyard.

 When she arrived in the woods she looked for someone to play with.

            “Whoo goes there?” asked an owl.

            “Oh!” said Belinda with a jump.  “It me, Belinda Dragon.”

            “Why aren’t you in bed?” he asked.

            “I’m not sleepy,” she replied with a yawn.  “Would you play with me?”

            “I cannot,” said the owl.  “I am watching the woods for strangers.”

            “Okay,” said Belinda. 

She walked a little further and came across a fox.

            “Hello, Miss Fox!  Will you play with me?”

            “You are up past your bedtime,” said the fox.

            “I’m not sleepy,” said Belinda with another yawn.  “Can we play?”

            “I would like to but I need to get back to my den,” said the fox.  “My family is waiting for me.”

            “Okay,” said Belinda.

 The little dragon walked a little more and found a clearing where a group of animals had gathered.

            “Hi, I’m Belinda,” she said to the group.  “Will you play with me?”

            “Sure!” said a rabbit.  “We were getting ready to play Tag.”

            “That is my favorite game,” she said.  “May I be ‘IT’?”

For the next five minutes Belinda played Tag with the other animals.  She was having a lot of fun even though she continued to yawn.

            “Belinda, you should go get some sleep,” said the rabbit.

            “I’m not sleepy,” said Belinda.  “But I will sit down and rest for a little bit.  Then I can play some more.”

Belinda sat under a tree and watched the others continue to play Tag and then they switched to Hide and Seek.  She liked that game too but she decided to rest some more.  Soon she fell asleep.

Her mother appeared in the woods as the rabbit sat near Belinda.

            “Are you her mother?” the rabbit asked.

            “Yes I am,” she replied.  “My daughter was supposed to be in bed ten minutes ago.”

            “She said that she wasn’t sleepy,” said the rabbit.

            “Yes I know,” said Belinda’s mother.  She picked up her daughter and carried her back to the house.

 The next morning Belinda woke up in her own bed.  Her mother was standing in the doorway.

            “Good morning, Belinda,” she said.

            “Good morning,” Belinda replied.  “I guess I was sleepy after all.”

            “You fell asleep in the woods,” said her mother.

            “I’m sorry Mother,” she said. 

            “For disobeying me you will go to bed at an earlier time for the next three days,” said her mother.

“Yes Mother,” said Belinda.  And from now on I promise I will go to bed when I’m told.”





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